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Whether for leisure or business, travelling around the world is a great experience. It must be enjoyed with peace of mind. However, there are occasions when even the most experienced traveller can feel distressed.

People's TravelSmart Insurance offers a solution. Whether you are travelling on business, leisure or pilgrimage, our policy will protect you and your family. It will cover against all unforeseen mishaps during overseas travel, from sudden illness to loss of baggage, loss of money/credit card, accidents and other unpredictable incidents that could ruin your trip including trip Cancellation and Curtailment due to unavoidable circumstances.

It will not be permitted to avoid all the risks but the problem can be eased if you have a comprehensive travel insurance. Depending on your destination, there are Six specific plans for you to select from. So travel the smart way with a People's Insurance TravelSmart plan.

Key Features of TravelSmart

  • Cover available for individual travellers, family travellers and group travellers
  • Group discounts offered based on group size
  • 50% discount for children under 18 years of age
  • Cover available for multiple journeys
  • Maximum duration per trip of 180 days
  • No medical declaration required till the age of 80 years
  • Six plans to select depending on your destination

Basic Terms & Conditions

Age limit - 30 days to 80 years

Family cover can be for two named adults under 65 years and any number of their named children less than 18 years travelling together.

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