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Lifestyle Products
Dwelling Fire

The standard policy provides indemnity in the event of destruction or damage to the property (building and/or contents) insured by fire or lightning and domestic explosion. Following covers are optional: Storm, Flood, Earthquake, Tsunami, Strike & Riot, Terrorism, Malicious Damage, Bursting of pipes. Impact by vehicles and air craft.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is specially designed to provide essential insurance for your home/ family in a single policy.
Basic cover includes loss / damage to the building and contents due to fire & lightning, domestic explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, tsunami, impact by vehicles and aircrafts, bursting of water pipes, apparatus, accidental breakage of glass and “burglary, Cover” includes cost of alternative accommodation, loss of rents. Optional covers are malicious damages, riot & strikes, terrorism and fire damage to electrical appliances, personal accident cover for family members, workmen's compensation cover for domestic employees and personal/ family liability cover.
Personal Accident

Covers you for bodily injury or death arising from an accident. Especially valuable cover if “self - employed” with a dash and earnings may cease on disablement.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Covers your motor vehicle against loss or damage caused by accidents and your legal liability to third party for bodily injury or property damage. Optional additional covers available under Comprehensive Motor Insurance.